We have crafted a screenless audio Storyteller designed for kids and families to spark imagination & creativity!

Choose your hero, location, key object, and supporting character and your Fabulous Storyteller will automagically create the story and instantly deliver it. 

100,000+ Fabulous Storytellers sold in Europe.

Launching soon in the US!

You can order My Fabulous Storyteller from MoMA Design Store's website!


Kids can create up to 48 different stories and adventures. Nurture their vocabulary skills to read happily ever after by creating stories from their Fabulous Storyteller.


Pack stories to go, wherever you are. Engage your children’s minds by taking them away from screens and entertaining themselves. An imagination station that fits your travel bags.


My Fabulous Storyteller is able to lend a more imaginative and interactive way of learning language and history through these exciting audio adventures.

Develop your children’s cognitive development early and empower them to choose and listen to stories.

My Fabulous Storyteller teaches children to be flexible thinkers, critical listeners, and lets them feel emotionally secure to explore.

Encouraging creativity in children is really hard work. Light up your creative thinkers' emotional intelligence with your Fabulous Storyteller.

Expose your child to important skills like vocabulary, listening, and emotions at an early age.

It's not easy to spot an activity or a toy that fits your family. My Fabulous Storyteller adds more excitement and joy by sharing and connecting with your children.




You can order My Fabulous Storyteller from MoMA Design Store's website!

Introducing My Fabulous Storyteller from Lunii! This magical little box keeps kids entertained in a smart, screen-free way, making it the perfect travel companion for long journeys!

  • Kids choose: their own hero, a second character, the location and an object!
  • Audio stories
  • Sturdy and easy to carry
  • No screens, no emissions
  • 48 stories provided + 6 extra stories free of charge
  • Hundreds more stories available on Luniistore
  • British product

  • Device powered by internal battery, rechargeable via Micro USB  
  • Loud speaker
  • Mac / PC / Linux compatible  
  • Jack plug  
  • Autonomy: 10h  
  • Capacity: 4GB / 160 stories

my fabulous storyteller


You can order My Fabulous Storyteller from MoMA Design Store's website!

Lunii's catalog is rich and varied

  • Fiction
  • Educational content
  • Interactive stories: be the hero!
  • Music

Luniistore provides a trove of adventures, educational content, exposure to foreign languages, culture, music and meditation to help you to make My Fabulous Storyteller perfect for your child! Stories are available in several languages and are adapted to reflect different cultures 

We aim to make the perfect audio-library collection for your child by creating original and innovative stories and by providing additional co-produced or licensed content through our partnerships.


Visit Luniistore: a digital library app for Windows/Mac and download new adventures to listen to! Create your account for FREE!

  • Hundreds of adventures to discover
  • 6 free stories when you sign up
  • Original stories created by Lunii
  • Our authors and storytellers create the stories with passion and dedication
  • High quality content and sound
  • Each album contains several stories: 6, 12, 18 or 24
  • Stories last between 3 and 7 minutes
  • 7 languages ​​available
  • Albums cost between €5,90 and €19,90


Windows Vista SP2 or later

Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite or later

Linux DEB 32 Bits

(For Debian/Ubuntu)

Linux DEB 64 bits

(For Debian/Ubuntu)

Linux RPM 64 bits


You can order My Fabulous Storyteller from MoMA Design Store's website!

We often make long car trips.

My son adopted his Lunii from the first use. Intuitive, play, easy to use, pretty and sweet, what more to add? 

I recommend it to all parents..."

Excellent alternative to tablets!

The story box makes the imagination of children work .They are calm and concentrated with custom stories. I am delighted with this purchase! 

Perfect with headphones for long trips ..."

“ We took this on holiday for the kids to listen to in the car.

With a 6 hour car journey ahead I packed up loads to entertain them as I always do but needn't have bothered this time around. 

They both listened with head phones for almost 5 hours, taking it in turns to choose the characters etc. 

My kids are 5 and 8 and loved this so much.


Thanks for making the usually horrid long car journey blissful "

Jack, London

Laetitia , Toronto

Emily, St-Louis

A screenless toy to share creative bonding moments with your kids.

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