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Suzan & Ben

48 stories in french

Discover Suzanne and Gaston, the two heroes of the fabulous storyteller. With our two main characters, children will be immersed in a world full of adventures and funny meetings.

These stories are included in the product.
​By Jeanne & Claude Delafosse, Mickaël Ndongo and Charles Deinausard



Good Night Stories

6 stories in french

Poetical and gentle adventures for sweet dreams. Peaceful bed time stories for relaxing before falling asleep.

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By Betty Bouteiller



Wow, Pirates!

18 stories in french

All aboard the ship with Kradok the ghastly and Alfrida the Terrible, two pirates traveling the world looking for treasures. Join their crew for an ocean ride between strange creatures: giant octopus, dragon, mermaid, three-headed monster, magic fish. Hoist the sail Deck-man!

1500 lun’s

By Karine Braud



In Outer Space!

18 stories in french

In the space, many surprising meetings are awaiting: robot-dog, princess, pirate or strange animals. It’s always surprising stories in an unknown territory for amazing adventures.

1500 lun’s

By Mickaël Ndongo



It’s Marvellous!

18 stories in french

Welcome to the Wonderful Kingdom! With Fairy Rose and Princess Jade discover this dazzling world and explore hard-to-reach parts of the forest and dungeon.

1500 lun’s

By Christophe Loupy



Merry Christmas!

18 stories in french

Santa Claus, the toy goblin, flying reindeers…this is Christmas! Perfect stories to wait until Christmas morning.

1500 lun’s

By Anne Cévènes



Dino Dino !

18 stories in french

Let’s meet up with Pina the T-Rex, Fred the Pterodactyl or Mina, the giant dragonfly: the dinosaurs family. You will find out that these impressive dinosaurs are actually very cute and charming animals.

1500 lun’s

By Julie Barant



Suzanne and Gaston Celebrate Easter

18 stories in french

Get back with Suzanne and Gaston for Easter! There will be chocolate, eggs bunnies and even a fairy and a small monster. A lot of new adventures for our two heroes.

1500 lun’s

By Julie Safier


Ma Fabrique à Histoires - dès 3 ans


My Fabulous Storyteller

Discover the fabulous Storyteller for children from 3 up to 8 years old! It is up them to choose the hero, the place, the second character and the object. It then tells one of the 48 stories they can make. A magical experience of listening mixing innovation and tradition. To develop the imagination of children and rediscover the magic of audio stories…