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Susan & Ben

48 stories 

Discover My Fabulous Storyteller with Susan and Ben! Lunii’s two heroes will take you on a marvellous journey filled with amazing adventures and fun encounters.. Friendships, surprises, emotions… everything is set to spend enchanting and fun moments with Susan and Ben . Let your imagination go wild and rally the two friends on their fantastic odyssey!

These stories are included in the product.
​By Jeanne & Claude Delafosse, Mickaël Ndongo and Charles Deinausard

Good Night Stories

6 stories 

Poetical and gentle adventures for sweet dreams. Peaceful bed time stories for relaxing before falling asleep.

These stories are offered when you create an account on the LuniiStore.

By Betty Bouteiller

Wow, Pirates!

18 stories 

Kradok the Terrible and Alfrida the Fearsome invite you aboard their ships. Join their crews and go hunting for treasures! A giant octopus, a dragon, a mermaid, a three-headed monster, a magic fish… the oceans shelter strange creatures… Take the helm, learn how to handle the saber and examine the horizon through your telescope to find fabulous chests filled with gold coins. Hoist the sail and all aboard!

1500 lun’s

By Karine Braud

The Rainbow Kingdom – Interactive Story

18 stories 

Everything has gone wrong in the Rainbow Kingdom, as a terrible dragon has turned this colourful universe to black and white. Fortunately, the young Lou, armed with her magic brush, is determined to reverse the situation.
Help Lou make choices to continue the adventure!  

1500 lun’s

By Romain Lesiuk


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