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My Fabulous Storyteller


International shipping
Device powered by internal battery, rechargeable via Micro USB.
Mac / PC / Linux compatible
Jack plug – Autonomy: 10h – Capacity: 4GB / 160 stories / 14h

My Fabulous Storyteller comes preloaded with 48 excellent adventures: children choose a HERO, a WORLD, a COMPANION and an OBJECT – the rest is done by Lunii magic, ensuring a new story every time! A magical listening experience, combining innovation and tradition.

Children can compose their own stories, boost their imagination and learn – all while having fun! Lunii allows children to enrich their vocabulary by leading them on exciting and unexpected journeys.

Take your Fabulous Storyteller with you, wherever you go! Lightweight and portable, it’s the perfect companion, whether you are travelling by car, train or plane … or simply walking around the house!
And it’s WIFI and Bluetooth free!

Join Susan and Ben on their extraordinary adventures!

Written by Jeanne Delafosse, Claude Delafosse, Charles Denausard and Michael Ndongo.


Lunii’s digital library has an ever-growing collection of stories and adventures to enrich your Fabulous Storyteller.


21 rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine
75011 Paris

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