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famille luniithèque

The LuniiStore

The LuniiStore is a digital library in the form of a PC / Mac application where you can download new stories for your children. It is still in beta, do not hesitate to give us feedback!

On the LuniiStore, you will find new stories to download with the Lun’s our virtual currency!
Price for 18 new stories : 1500 Lun’s
Prix des packs de Lun’s:Price of Lun’s packs:
Mouse – 1000 Lun’s – 6,90 €
Stoat – 1500 Lun’s – 10,35 €
Rabbit – 2000 Lun’s – 12,90 €
Wolf – 3000 Lun’s – € 18.90
Whale – 5000 Lun’s – 29,90 €
Dinosaur – 10000 Lun’s – 49,90 €

The LuniiStore

You will find here the different versions of the application to download depending on your computer.

Windows Vista SP2 or higher

Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite or higher

High Sierra operating system is still in development so we can’t garantee the compatibility of the LuniiStore with it.

My Fabulous Storyteller

Discover the fabulous Storyteller for children from 3 up to 8 years old! It is up them to choose the hero, the place, the second character and the object. It then tells one of the 48 stories they can make. A magical experience of listening mixing innovation and tradition. To develop the imagination of children and rediscover the magic of audio stories…

If you encounter a problem with your Storyteller or the LuniiStore, we invite you to read our FAQ.