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Together, choose your own way to great adventures.
Sing along with our nursery rhymes,
Discover new cultures,
Play with little girl Vowels and the letters of the alphabet,
Meet Cleopatra and Charlemagne…
Dream and share dazzling moments with the whole family!
That’s what the Luniistore is about, and more.

famille luniithèque

Download the right version of the app

Connect your Fabulous Storyteller to your computer

Choose and purchase new stories

To download the Luniistore

Choose the version of the app that corresponds to your system.

Windows Vista SP2 or later

Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite or later

Linux DEB 32 Bits

(Pour Debian/Ubuntu)

Linux DEB 64 bits

(Pour Debian/Ubuntu)

Linux RPM 64 bits


Great stories for every taste

The Luniistore app is a digital library from which you will be able to purchase and download new stories for your children.


18 rue Dubrunfaut
75012 Paris

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